School Includes Teen’s Service Dog In Its Yearbook And It’s Just Adorable

In Falmouth, Virginia, Stafford High School’s yearbook became a viral sensation. Andrew “AJ” Schalk, one of the high school’s juniors, suffers from Type 1 diabetes. He’s accompanied by his service dog, Alpha Schalk, wherever he goes and that includes school. Alpha’s job is to detect when AJ’s blood sugar is getting too low or too high and to instantly alert him. He was able to save AJ’s life multiple times already.

According to AJ, Alpha brought a lot of smiles in his school, making the learning environment more alive and fun. Alpha fits so well in the school that he even has his own ID.

One day AJ came up with the idea to include his dog in the school’s yearbook, and when he asked teachers what they thought about it, they were all enthusiastic about the idea.

Diana Bloom, one of the seniors at Stafford High School, was browsing through her yearbook when she discovered that AJ’s service dog was included in the roster of students. She tweeted about it, and needless to say, the story went instantly viral.

Stafford High School, which is located in Falmouth, Virginia, became a viral sensation, and the sole reason is the amusing inclusion of an adorable service dog in its latest yearbook.
Andrew “AJ” Schalk, a junior student at the said school, needs his service dog wherever he goes, since he suffers from Type 1 Diabetes.
The service dog, named Alpha, is in charge of detecting AJ’s blood sugar level, and instantly alerting him if it’s too low or too high.
The adorable but smart service dog accompanies AJ to school every day.
Alpha’s presence brightened up the atmosphere at his high school and that’s why AJ had the idea of including Alpha in the school’s yearbook.
Alpha is practically a student at his school, he even has his own ID.
When he told about the opinion to teachers and students, they all agreed that Alpha could definitely be a part of the yearbook.
Diana Bloom, a senior at the Stafford High School, tweeted about the whole thing and it went instantly viral.
Needless to say, people absolutely loved it.
Megan is definitely right:
It’s an inspiring story which further proves that dogs are definitely man’s best friend.
People admire AJ for treating Alpha like family.
A lot of people found the story amusing and touching at the same time.
Definitely a win for AJ, Alpha, and the high school.

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