Rescued Dog From Yulin Meat Festival Makes An Incredible Recovery!

The Lychee and Dog Meat Festival (aka Yulin Meat Festival), is an annual event held during the summer solstice in China. It’s an event where people gather every year to eat dog meat.

A a dog who was rescued from the Yulin Meat Festival has made a truly incredible recovery and now looks happier and healthier than ever thanks to it’s rescuers!

The government of Yulin removed the event’s official backing in 2014, but unfortunately and shockingly it is still taking place.

Numbers of activists are trying all they can to stop the campaign, but its unofficial status and recognition as part of the culture of those in Yulin makes it difficult to stop.

It was reported last year that the sale of dog meat had been banned from the festival, but since then that information has been revealed as incorrect.

One of the dogs, Nivia, an innocent pup who was destined to be killed at a slaughterhouse during the dog meat festival in 2016, and others were rescued.

Vshine, a partner group of Humane Society International (HSI), rescued Nivia and other dogs crammed alongside her in a wire cage.

They took the rescued pups to Canada, and transferred them to the HSI’s Shelter and Rescue Partners for rehabilitation and the chance to find their forever homes.

Nivia was very traumatised and scarred from her tragic past, and after she was adopted, it took three months for Nivia’s new owner, Catherine, to be able to touch the frightened pup.

Catherine took her time to be patient and caring with Nivia and was able to show the scared pup that she wasn’t a threat.

The resilient dog is now thriving in her new home, enjoying a range of activities like going on long walks, receiving warm hugs, squeaking toys, taking naps and going on adventurous car rides.

The HSI wants to help all dogs be as happy as Nivia, and that’s why they’re committed to ending the brutality to all dogs suffering from the dog meat trade by fighting in areas of Asia.

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