Rescue Kitten and Piglet Become Best Friends

This is the most unlikely, adorable duo you will see today…

Marina the kitten and Laura the piglet became friends in Santiago, Chile at the Santuario Igualdad Interespecie, an interspecies equality sanctuary for farm animals.

These little cuties didn’t have the best start to life as Laura’s mother is a breeder pig. Laura was born only to be later slaughtered but activists did an amazing job by rescuing the piglet. Laura was trembling with fear when first bought to the sanctuary.

Life wasn’t so good for Marina either as she was abandoned by her mother because she was sick, weak, and had pus-filled eyes. Had no one came along to help Marina she would have likely died.

Someone found Marina and bought her to the Chilean sanctuary.

This special friendship started when Marina and Laura were rescued just a few days apart from each other. They both helped to calm each-other down and made each-other feel at home.

The duo sleep close to each other, they always cuddle, and give so many hugs and kisses. They truly have a beautiful relationship.

They hate being apart and always wait for each other to wake up so they can play together.

Check out some of the cutest snaps below of the unlikely friendship!






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