Puppy Waits A Whole Week For His Owner To Come Back After Being Abandoned With Chair And TV

Sharon Norton, an Animal Control Officer suddenly received a call. It was confirmed that a four-month-old Doberman-hound mix had been dumped and abandoned along Gatson Trail in Lincoln County in Mississippi.

When Sharon arrived at the site, she was met with a skinny, scared, weak puppy dumped alongside old furniture and garbage. It was a heartbreaking sight.

It was thought that the puppy had been there for at least a week.

The poor puppy was starving hungry has he hadn’t been able to eat.

The scared puppy was convinced his owners would return so he never moved from the spot, unfortunately, this wasn’t the case.

Sharon gave him treats to reassure him and finally the puppy felt comfortable around her and trusted she wouldn’t harm her.

She explained:

“He was very happy when I picked him up and carried him to the animal control truck. I could feel his tail hitting my back, wagging. He knows he’s safe now”

It wasn’t long before the little pup was cleaned up and had the necessary vaccines. Sharon brought him to Brookhaven Animal Rescue League, which is a no-kill shelter.

She also posted a photo of the pup online hoping someone would come forward for him.

Sharon believes no one will come for the pet as they will be fined for neglect.

The photos were posted on the BARL Facebook page. Receiving lot’s of attention, the rescue center named the puppy “Lazy-Boy Gatson”.

Lazy-Boy Gatson is now a very popular dog as so many were heartbroken to hear his story.

He is in foster care now waiting to be adopted. We hope he finds a forever home.

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