Puppy Saved After Being Thrown Off A Bridge With Mouth Taped Shut Can’t Thank His Hero Enough

Bob Hoelter, one night,walked to his favorite store. Bob heard a weak and sad whimper that was coming from below a bridge he was walking on to get to the store.

Bob went to investigate and searched for the poor animal. Shocked, he saw a scared puppy with his mouth taped shut as it was discovered the puppy had been thrown off the bridge by his previous owners.

He rushed the puppy to the nearest hospital, the Griffith Animal Hospital. Lori Kovavich, the hospitals manager made the puppy immediate priority.

They took the tape around his muzzle off and it showed the poor pup had really damaged skin from it.

They also discovered that the puppy had a broken leg which would require surgery. The puppy had been through so much.

The story of the puppy caught the attention of The Wittings, who fell in love with him and decided to adopt him. They named Louie.

It was unclear at that point who saved the puppy as he left the hospital without leaving his name, but one day Hoelter’s niece saw the clinic’s Facebook post about Louie’s story and made their reunion possible.

When the pair was reunited, Louie instantly recognized him and gave him lot’s of love to thank his hero.

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