Pug That Was Cruelly Dumped In A Plastic Bag Is Rescued And Finds Forever Home

Dogs crave family groups and company since they descended from the wolf meaning they have a very strong pack mentality, so being left alone for too long can sometimes be unbearable for them.

When dogs are homeless, due to being disowned of abused, it’s very distressing and upsetting for them. Still to this day, dogs are left without anyone to look after them and it’s heartbreaking.

One dog who had an awful start to life has ended up finding a happy ending after being rescued from absolute hell.

Just five weeks old, this little pug, who is known as Bobby, was found dumped in a plastic carrier bag. Amazingly, someone heard him crying in a bush in Flower Hill, County Meath, Ireland.

Coolronan Dog Rescue shelter took bobby in and waited for someone to adopt him.

Bobby touched the heart of the owner of the rescue centre, Chris Kelly, who has now decided to adopt him himself and he’s never been happier.

Chris Kelly stated:

“He just became so attached to me and a decision was made over the weekend that I should keep him. He follows me everywhere, he is very attached to me and he is always very excited to see me. He is a great little fella.”

He added:

“He had to be wormed and he had a leg injury, but he is doing really, really well. I’m really happy he is OK and he is very much wanted. I’m rescuing dogs 13 years and I never have been attached like this. I just thought he should stay with me and we all agreed he was attached to me – why ruin that for him? He has already suffered enough.”

Coolronan Dog Rescue shelter has been run by Chris and his partner Ramona Cunningham for 13 years, and both were shocked by Bobby’s awful experience.

Chris explained:

“People have no idea what is going on in this country with animals. Sanctuaries all across the country are overrun with unwanted dogs. Bobby is one of thousands.”

He continued:

“It turns my stomach. We have no laws that protect animals properly in this country. Microchipping is not being enforced and paperwork with dogs is just a disaster. It’s either not accurate or truthful.

He added:

“Microchipping and neutering needs to happen at an early age. There are too many dogs in Ireland. I have dogs that go to Sweden to be re-homed because we can’t cater for all the unwanted dogs in this country …

It is disgusting what is going on in this country and no one is policing it. Pet owners who abuse or dump their dogs should face prison or huge fines. It is totally unacceptable. [sic]”

Chris has rehoused more than 150 dogs over the years and there are still lots of other dogs at the shelter who are still in desperate need of a home.

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