Pregnant Stray Cat Wanders Into A Police Station And Chooses It As Her Family’s Forever Home

A police station in Busan, South Korea, is now an unlikely home to a mother cat and her four babies.

The police officers working their usual shift at the station when they met the stray cat for the first time after a car accident. Heartbreakingly, one of her newborn kittens died in the impact.

The officers kindly buried the kitten and after that moment, the stray cat was not seen near the police station until a few months later.

One day she had returned and this time, she wanted to stay. It was discovered that she was pregnant yet again.

The amazingly kind and caring officers helped her give birth and then went the extra mile to prepare a space for her to give birth at the guard’s post.

They even helped cut the umbilical cords for her kittens. WOW!

It was no surprise that when the kittens were born, the officers instantly fell in love with them.

They named the mother cat “Molang,” which translates to “I don’t know”.

Now the little cat family lives at the police station permanently.
The kittens are happy and healthy.

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