Police Officer Rescues Puppy In Flooded Car During Hurricane And Becomes Her Dad For Life

Hurricane Dorian recently devastated the Bahama’s and then went on to hit Florida.

The shocking aftermath of the storm in the Bahama’s was truly horrific but the storm didn’t leave as much of a dent in Florida, despite causing floods and strong winds.

For obvious reasons, it was very dangerous for anyone to be outdoors due to the strong winds and flooding streets.

It was when an abandoned car was spotted in a ditch on September 4, that police officers were contacted by concerned people and what they discovered was crazy.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office sent deputies to investigate the abandoned car and they what they found was a partially flooded vehicle that looked empty.

Then, amazingly, the deputies saw a tiny puppy inside the car, alone and terrified and a little wet and couldn’t believe they had found this poor thing in this state.

Amazingly the puppy was in good health but the storm would’ve really scared her.

They named the miracle puppy “Dorian”.

Deputy Josh Tolliver, the officer who found Dorian, came back to adopt her the next day as he’d instantly fallen in love with the little pup.

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