Police Department Want The Public To Name Their Newest Recruit

This is going to make your day purrfect!

Recently, the Fort Smith Police Department in Arkansas hired their very own ‘pawfficer’ and they shared the cutest picture of their new blue-eyed kitten online.

They wrote on Facebook:

‘Introducing our Pawfficer, the newest member of the FSPD team.’

The staff members have asked the community to help think of a name for the adorable male kitten.

It continued:

“In the next several days, we will be compiling names for our furry friend,’ the police department wrote. ‘We will be asking for the public to help us pick the purrrrfect name.

Followers were quick to rush to the post with suggestions for the kitty’s name, ranging from ‘Pistol’ and ‘Captain’ to ‘Chief’ and ‘Blueblood’.”

One commented:

“That baby is so cute. I have a male, we call him Smokey. I think the name stormy would be good or captain.”

Another wrote:

“How about honoring a policeman that died in the line of duty?”

Some even said that keeping the name ‘Pawfficer’ would be a good fit.

It was reported that Fort Smith officers decided to adopt the kitten to hopefully connect with people in the community.

The department explained:

“He will attend community and special events and generally be an online presence that will allow us to take a more informal approach to subjects that affect our community.

The entire project is designed to make the department more approachable and convey the lighter side of the department and what it means to be a police officer.”

Fort Smith officers are going to release a poll later this week for people to vote on the name for the kitten.

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