Polar Bear Shipped 1,900 Miles To Mate Is Immediately Killed During Sex

If you’re feeling the unrelenting sting of sexual frustration during quarantine, spare a thought for Aurora the polar bear, who was shipped almost 2,000 miles for a spot of mating, only to be killed by her new mate.

Having spent 10 years at Krasnoyarsk zoo in Russia with a bear named Felix, Aurora was shipped 1,900 miles after a decade without producing any cubs at her old home.

However, shortly after arriving at Izhevsk zoo, Aurora would meet an untimely and tragic demise at the paws of proposed new mate Baloo.

According to the Siberian Times, After two weeks together, the bears attempted to mate for the first time, but things went horrendously wrong as Baloo ended up killing Aurora.

There were hints during the pair’s first meeting that things weren’t quite right as the couple rather abruptly backed away from each other, without much in the way of chemistry evident.

Krasnoyarsk Head Keeper Andrey Gorban said of the tragic incident, “At the very moment he mounted her, something went wrong. Aurora showed her character, and Baloo was furious.”

Keepers shot Baloo with a tranquilliser dart after throwing water at him, but it was already too late.

“He fell near Aurora but she was already dead. Everything happens in nature, but in zoos this is the first case, and we will carefully study what happened, both for ourselves and for science.

“I haven’t studied it thoroughly so far, but world-class specialists cannot remember such cases in zoos. It was a completely unexpected outbreak of aggression.”

So confident had officials been at Krasnoyarsk, they’d even had the polar bear enclosure expanded to make room for the arrival of new cubs.

Gorban told the zoo’s followers on social media : “It is unbearably hard to report this tragic news. Our Aurora is gone.”

“Just the day before yesterday we were happy that our white giants found each other, loved each other. We were hoping to see the offspring. Spacious enclosures for little cubs were already being built in Royev Ruchey.

“But the sudden conflict crushed our hopes… only emptiness is left.”

Footage of the attack does exist but, understandably, has not been released by the zoo.

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