Petting Your Fury Friend At Least 10 Minutes A Day Will Reduce Your Stress Levels Dramatically

Dogs or any pets in fact, will make your life SO much better. It’s true. There are so many health benefits to having a fury friend, you wouldn’t believe it.

Backed by science, A study published in AERA Open, conducted by the Department of Human Development revealed that petting a dog (or a cat) will help reduce a person’s stress levels by a huge amount.

The study with Washington State University graduate student Jaymie Vandagriff, run alongside Professor Patricia Pendry found that if a person spends approximately 10 minutes petting a dog, their mood starts to improve. It’s hard NOT to believe that!

The study allowed the university to run an animal visitation program for college students. The researchers formed four groups out of 249 students.

Group 1 had the fun task of playing with shelter cats and dogs for 10 minutes. Whilst Group 2 only got to stand in like and watch them playing (that would’ve been difficult).

Group 3 then had to observe photos of the animals, but weren’t allowed to see them in person.

Group 4 were told they were on a waitlist to meet the shelter animals, but they did not get to view or interact with them.

The study has to take three saliva samples from all of the students.

The first saliva sample was taken after the students woke up. The second one was taken 15 minutes after they participated in the experiment, and the last sample was taken 25 minutes after the animals were or were not introduced.

The reason behind taking saliva samples is becuase it measures salivary cortisol levels in the body. Cortisol is the body’s primary stress hormone.

Group 1 was found to have a notably lower salivary cortisol level compared to Group 2, 3, and 4.

Pendry concluded that being around dogs and cats prompts positive emotions and the study backs this 100%. So, if your mum or dad have been against the idea of getting a pet.. maybe it’s best to show them this article, maybe the scientific support will help change their mind…

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