People Are Just Learning Baby Owls Sleep Face Down As Their Heads Are Too Heavy

baby owl sleeping

Nature, as they say, is fascinating.

Just watch any David Attenborough show for five minutes and you’ll find yourself captivated by a species you never knew existed ten minutes earlier.

Now people have made another huge discovery which is equal parts hysterical and unbelievably cute.

But what’s the discovery? That baby Owls sleep face down because their heads are too heavy for their bodies.

The image first emerged as a bit of a meme online – suggesting, you know, you’re wasted.

At first, people were skeptical of how genuine the image was, but now loads of photos of young owls lying down to sleep having surfaced, making it so much better.

Adult owls sleep standing up – but baby ones have to lie down because they really can’t keep their big heads up.

One Twitter user wrote:

I’ve been trying to find the original photographer for this image, but no luck. It’s obviously a captive bird. Regardless, yes, young nestling owls do sleep, or rest lying down. Their heads are too heavy for their bodies.

Nature is so beautiful.

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