Pampered Dog Gets First Class Seat On Flight!

On a flight from Atlanta, Georgia, to Newark, New Jersey, April Easterwood Thornton saw something peculiar on the way to her seat.

Dragging her luggage through the first class cabin, to her surprise, a little furry face peered up at her.

This pampered pup was doing the opposite of working. She was busy enjoying all the luxuries that come with a roomy seat in first class. Who wouldn’t love that!

Thornton explained:

“I noticed the pup right away because she was sprawled out in her very own seat which happened to be the first one on the plane!”

“I was amazed that she has her own seat. I hadn’t seen that before.”

As Thornton made her way to economy, the dog’s gaze followed her.

She added:

“Felt a little judged walking past this gal”

She noticed that the dog was “very well behaved” for the duration of the flight.

“She looked like it was not her first time being there as well,” Thornton said.

“Very comfy in her seat up front.”

While picking up her luggage, Thornton saw the spoiled spaniel’s face once more.

“I bumped into the owner again at baggage claim and noticed his suitcase right away,” Thornton said.

“Like, as it was on the baggage carousel.”

“He claimed it with pride,” she added.

A dog owner herself, Thornton understands the need to spoil your beloved pet.

She believes all dogs really do deserve a seat in first class.

“Especially mine,” she said.

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