Owner Accidentally Locks Her Cat In The Fridge

When you’re hot you’d do just about anything to cool down right?

Ice cream.. fan…water.. fridge…

Wait. fridge?

Meet Tali, the cat who absolutely LOVES being inside the fridge.

Every time her owner Christine opens the fridge, Tali can’t help but jump right in.

Christine accidentally shut the cat inside one time, but it was all okay because she loves it in there.

The fridge isn’t the only strange place Tali likes to chill…the water is also a big love of hers (unusual for a cat).

Christine was showering when her cat jumped in alongside her and splashed around. Interesting.

She explained:

“Tali is a 4-year-old barn cat, and we don’t know her entire breed, but we do know she’s half Maine Coon. She’s always been a water cat and absolutely loves sitting in the running shower and lounging in dripping sinks, but the fridge was a short-lived adventure”

“I think she simply jumped in for the same reasons most cats would — to get into a place they’re not supposed to be”

“She’s now a very large and fluffy cat and couldn’t fit in the fridge very easily, but she really hasn’t tried in years. She’s content lounging in sinks these days, demanding we turn on the faucet for her!”

One woman commented on the photos Christine posted, suggesting that it’s curiosity that makes cats explore fridges:

“I think the refrigerator is just a very tempting place to be explored because of its depth, compartments, drawers, shelves, things on the shelves and mysterious spaces behind the things that are on the shelves”

Check out photos of Tali below:






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