Only 7500 Cheetahs Are Left In The World

The beautiful big cats are feared to be declining in numbers because of things such as habitation loss, illegal wildlife trade and human populations.

The cheetah is fast and beautiful and it’s a huge shame that the world they live in is slowly killing them.

It’s been reported that there are now less than 7,500 cheetahs left in the wild which means that 90 per cent of the cheetah population have been lost within the last century.

Most Cheetah’s are said to be in the Sub-Saharan African country of Namibia. There are 1,500 adults and adolescents still left in the wild.

Dr Laurie Marker, who co-founded the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) in 1991 said:

“Everything needs to come together in order to protect the cheetah in the future”

“We don’t want to keep them in a captive environment, but if we must, they should be kept in the proper way, with the right food and facilities, so that the public can see them and be educated about them.”

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Amazingly, 1,000 cheetahs have been cared for by CCF conservationists and around 600 of these have been returned to the wild.

Dr Marker explained how some cheetahs will spend the rest of their lives with CCF, saying:

“People always ask about rewilding, because it sounds so sexy – but unless we make a place for animals to live in the wild, what is the point of putting them back there?”

“The truth is we have no wild – we have 
people everywhere, and in Africa it’s people and livestock, and the wildlife has got nowhere to go. So the only way for us all to live together is to work with people.”

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