New Species Of Spider Discovered That Rots Human Flesh

Just when we thought spiders couldn’t get any worse…

There are plenty of venomous spiders out there in the world, with some carrying a venom that can kill a fully grown man in a mere few hours.

But a species of spider has recently been discovered in Mexico that can use its venom to rot human flesh.

A venomous spider – Pixabay

Biologist Alejandro Valdez-Mondragon and other researchers from the National Autonomous University of Mexico in the city of Tlaxcala, Central Mexico, discovered the arachnid living in furniture and fabrics in households.

It has even been given an official name – Loxosceles Tenochtitlan, and analysis of the creature revealed it is native to the Valley of Mexico region. 

The Loxosceles Tenochtitlan – CEN

The spider’s venom is a one of a kind, and it was discovered that lesions of dead flesh up to fourteen-inches (forty centimeters) wide can be caused by an attack, but the animal is not thought to be lethal.  

The academics initially mistook the beast for another related species which lives in the Mexican states of Guerrero and Morelos- Loxosceles Misteca.

A venomous spider – Pixabay

Professor Valdez-Mondragon told local media, “As it is very similar to the Loxosceles Misteca we thought that it had been introduced to this region by the shipping of ornamental plants, but when doing molecular biology studies of both species, we realized that they are completely different.”

He also warned that the species lashes out at humans with its vicious bite if it feels threatened.

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