Kind Neighbours Build Doggy Door In Fence Allowing Their Dog Pals To Hangout!

Hailee Graham and her husband found a new family member recently. An adorable puppy with a wet nose fit perfectly into their family.

Tate, a stray puppy was living on the streets before the couple found her. After a difficult start to life, the Grahams adopted her and changed her luck.

Beyond their fences, Tate discovered someone behind and couldn’t believe her luck. It turned out to be next door neighbour’s dog, Vernon.

Vernon and Tate started digging a tunnel under the fence to get closer to each-other. Obviously, the owners tried to make them stop but that didn’t work.

Hailee thought the best way to solve this was to set a playdate for the two dogs.

Hailee had her dad install a doggy door in their fence so that the two dogs could play whenever they wanted. Which saved the fence and ground.

Hailee hopes that this would encourage other people to be more open and friendly with their neighbours.

Tate couldn’t feel any more happy and content with his pal and their easy way to play with eachother.

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