Naughty Monkey Sticks His Middle Finger Up At Family In Holiday Snaps!

Family photos are a must have on a holiday! You can’t beat the group picture showing everyone being together and having a great time…

The Hicks family were hoping for one of these standard holiday snaps but they were greeted with a curious borderline cheeky with a hint of rude monkey…

Whilst holidaying in Bali, Indonesia, Judy Hicks mum too three kids, wanted to capture the family-of-five in a photo whilst they were at Ubud Monkey Forest.

Simon, Judy’s husband, and three kids Elijah, 13, Jimmy, 11, and Kayleigh, eight, said they were excited to be around hundreds of monkeys.

The family, who travelled from the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia, asked a local guide to take their photo so they could remember the experience.. this led to a rather curious monkey photobombing the picture.

Judy said she and her family burst out laughing when they realised that one of the naughty monkeys was giving them the finger in the snap.

Judy said:

“We were only in Bali for a week and thought it would be fun to go on a day tour around. As part of the tour, we went to the monkey forest. I thought it would be a fun experience.

“While we were there, a guide offered to take our photo. But as he did, a monkey suddenly came in front of the camera. The guide had peanuts in his hand and then began feeding him. It was really funny.

“As I was flicking through the photos afterwards, I noticed that in one of them the monkey was actually giving us the finger. I showed my husband and we both started laughing. We thought it was hilarious.

“The monkey definitely had a cheeky persona going on. We had such a great time there and these funny photos made it even better.”

The snap was captured in December 2018 in Bali but shared for the first time online recently.

The mum said:

“I posted the photo to my Facebook and Instagram and all my family and friends thought it was hilarious.

“The experience was one of the highlights of our trip, and the photo itself is something we can look back on to remember forever. Bali is such a beautiful place and we can’t wait to go back one day.”

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