Motorcyclist SAVES Bald Eagle Caught In Traffic!

One day Dandon Miller never would have thought his favorite piece of clothing which is a red and black flannel would come in handy when saving a life.

On Memorial Day weekend, Miller was on his way home from Philadelphia when traffic slowed in front of him.

He pulled his motorcycle off to the side of the two-way highway and was shocked when he realized what was causing the traffic jam.

Miller explained:

“I looked down to see why everyone was stopping and there was a bald eagle in the middle of the road”

“Another person was there and they kind of nudged her a little bit to see if she would walk off the road or fly away. She spread her wings open and was not going to go anywhere.”

Miller being an animal lover knew he had to help the injured bird get out of harm’s way and thought quickly about what he could do.

The large bird was too hurt to fly, but her powerful talons were reason enough for Miller to take off his favorite flannel and throw it over the bird.

The bird remained sedate as he wrapped her in the shirt surprisingly.

Miller explained:

“I picked her up and she was very calm,”

“She got a little worked up when people started wanting to take pictures, but we were able to get that under control.”

He called 911 as soon as he moved the large bird and eventually got in touch with Tri-State Bird Rescue and Research, a local rehabilitation center for wild birds.

Miller held the 15-pound bird for about 45 minutes while waiting for rescue staffers to arrive.

Miller said:

“I wasn’t really thinking about it when I was holding her”

“I was just trying to keep her calm and make sure she knows she’s secure, and I wasn’t going to drop her or anything.”

“It was just amazing to hold that bird and for her to be calm like that”

“Just amazing.”

The rescue is optimistic that the bald eagle will be able to be released into the wild.

The Tri-State Bird Rescue and Research toldWPVI-T said:

“The bird has injuries to its feet and one wing. She also has a mild eye injury. No broken bones”

Millers favourite shirt now has a few large talon holes in it, but Miller knows it was for the best cause.

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