Monkey “Adopts” Tiny Puppy And The Pictures Are The Best Thing You’ll See Today

You see a lot of stories about unlikely friendships with animals. This one may be one of the strangest yet, but that being said, it’s also adorable.

In Erode, India, people were stunned to see an unusual friendship between a rhesus macaque monkey and a stray puppy. Obviously, the unlikely duo became the talk of the town, more so because of their close bond. It’s as if the puppy is the monkeys baby.

The monkey decided to adopt and protect the puppy and they both wander the streets together. The monkey is seen carrying the tiny puppy in his arms, playing together and the monkey scares off any stray dogs who try to attack the puppy. How amazing is that?

The locals who love watching the pair often leave food for them outside. Amazingly, the monkey let’s the puppy eat first which is an incredible act of kindness for a wild animal.

Apparently, officials have taken the puppy to their custody, but the puppy definitely had a lovely start to life with this very generous and kind hearted monkey. Check out photos of the duo below:







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