Mermaid Life Jackets For Dogs Are The Best Thing You’ll See Today

It’s only right that our dogs can swim looking just as good as us right? We get to wear our nice swimming costumes..so Albabara decided to make swimwear, just for dogs.

Albabara offers their mermaid dog life jackets available on Amazon and they are the cutest.

The jackets come with a built-in tail that floats above the water, and is made up of shiny material like a mermaid’s tale.

These life jackets allow dogs to learn how to swim, in style.

They have built-in foam padding that helps the dog to float along with a handle located on the top of the jacket so the owner can always help the dog out of the water.

Theirs also a leash attached and a neck pad that helps your dog’s head float above water while swimming.

The product description states that this life jacket comes in several vibrant colors and has sizes ranging from small to extra large.

You can get these amazing jackets on Amazon for just $26.99! Such a bargain!

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