Men And Dogs Shall Not Pass! Angry Cat Terrorises Everyone Except Women And Children.

An extremely angry stray cat terrorises men and dogs, but feels no anger when it comes to women and children.

Locals who look after the cat have claimed it’s usually quite calm, but recently the cat had an aggresive streak and has started throwing itself at men and dogs who pass by the steps of the market.

CCTV cameras have captured images of the cat standing guard outside a market in the Bayrampasa area of Istanbul, Turkey.

It’s no surprise for cats to stand their ground when a dog comes sniffing around but it’s certainly shocking and hilarious to see a cat become defensive against us humans.

Pouncing unexpectedly and digging its claws into their legs men are the target of this feisty feline.

A couple of innocent dogs also experienced the wrath of the stray, chasing them down and jumping on their backs in a full-on attack.

It’s been reported that the cat’s carers took it to the vet to try to figure out why it had taken such an aggressive turn, but it’s not clear why or how this has happened.

Neighbour Ali Aydin, said the cat had recently given birth to kittens, suggesting it attacked to defend the babies from perceived threats.

Mr Aydin explained:

“This is not a wild cat, she’s used to people. She crosses here every day, taking food to her kittens, we leave the door open for her.”

Hopefully the stray cat calms down and lets the men and dogs pass by peacefully!

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