Meet Zuu, The Cat That Looks Like A HUGE Grumpy Fur Ball

Meet the ultimate Fur Ball, Zuu, who is quite possibly one of the grumpiest looking cats on the internet, but also extremely adorable.

He is definitely meme worthy. He’s shape is definitely ’round’ so he basically looks like a big ball of fluff.

Zuu has markings on his fur that make it seem like his mouth is constantly open.. it’s rather cute isn’t it?

Zuu lives with another cat called Bocco. The two cats are hilarious and look oh so cuddly.

The chunky pair look constantly grumpy and in all honesty.. they look like they need a good nap.

Pechanko_bocco, who owns the two fur balls, always uploads their photos on Instagram. They have amassed a huge 33,400 followers.

Bocco was born on June 26, 2016, and is an Exotic Shorthair cat.

Zuu is an Exotic Longhair who’s a bit younger as he was born on August 21, 2017.

They are both male.

If you weren’t aware..

Exotic Shorthairs first came into existence in 1967. They have an “easy-going attitude of the Persian, and gained the easier coat maintenance and higher energy levels of their shorthaired cousins.”

They are great pets for families with kids because they’re very playful.

Exotic Longhairs are longhaired versions of the Exotic Shorthair breed. They love playing with toys and having cuddle but need a bit more extra care.

You have to keep brushing their hair or it will get a bit wild.

Unfortunately, Exotic Shorthairs are prone to gaining a lot of weight, so overfeeding them is a big no.

Check out these adorable and funny photos of the pair, we guarantee it will make your day!






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