Meet Wilfred, The Cat That Looks Constantly Worried

We all get stressed and worried don’t we?

The alarm doesn’t go off.. we burn our toast.. we miss an appointment… we get mud all over our brand new shoes… the list goes on!

Have you ever seen a cat as concerned and worried as this ball of fluff?

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This is Wilfred Warrior, a Chinchilla Persian that lives in London with his humans.

His pedigree name is Fearless Warrior but for some reason, his mom calls him Wilfred and we’ll take it.

He’s won the hearts of everyone on the internet because of his unique looks and we can’t get enough!

Jenna, his owner, revealed that she has received “many derogatory comments about his appearance” — but insist doctors have said Wilfred is a healthy feline.

One thing very noticeable is Wilfred’s teeth, people have even suggested that Jenna takes a trip to the dentist to fix them.. but she assures everyone that “the vet advised there was no need for surgery. His teeth cause no discomfort for him”

She added:

“The one thing everyone notices when they meet him is the way he looks, as in, the eye contact he gives… it is just so different to other cats and so humanlike”

Wilfred is such a healthy, happy cat. Just because he looks ‘different’ doesn’t mean we should say nasty things about him!

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