Meet Tulip The Kitten, Who Can’t Stop Smiling After Being Rescued!

Little Tulip has been through quite a tough time so far in her short life, but no matter what the cute 10-month-old kitten smiles her way through the day and couldn’t look happier.

At 2 weeks old, Tulip was found in Ontario, Canada, roaming the streets. She was taken in by a local rescue and was suffering from an eye infection, but still smiled for the camera when the rescue snapped a shot of her for its website.

It was from that picture that Tulip was able to find her a forever family.

After spending months searching for a companion for their cat Pinecone, Jenn and Chris finally came across Tulip’s grin and instantly fell in love.

Jenn said:

“Her smile in her little advertisement picture drew us in right away,”

When the couple went to meet her, they couldn’t believe that the kitten was still smiling, even with her being in the shelter. The connection was instant.

Jenn said:

“The second we met her in person we fell absolutely in love with both her looks and her personality,”

When they brought Tulip home, the little cat continued to show off her sweet grin.

Jenn added:

“At first we assumed that it was just a one-off in her advertisement, but once we got her home and we began taking countless pictures of her, we realized that it was a permanent thing,”

Even through some medical issues she still smiled.

“The realistic part of me likes to think that her coloring has a lot to do with her constant smile,” Jenn said. “Then another part of me likes to think that she’s always smiling because she knows that at 10 months old she’s already overcome so much.”

Now Tulip is healthy little fur baby and she loves to play fetch and carry her toys around, hang out by the fish tank and annoy her older brother.

“She’s a constant reminder that things always turn around and get better, no matter how difficult they seem in the moment,” Jenn added. “It’s hard to picture our lives without her smile. She has added so much joy to our hearts and our home.”

“She truly is a tulip,” she added, “always blooms again — and I think she knows that about herself.”

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