Meet Toast, The ADORABLE Rescue Dog With A Floppy Tongue

This is probably the best thing you’ll see today.

Meet Toast, the CUTEST Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with a very unique look that has made the internet fall in love with her.

Toast didn’t have the best start to life, the little fur baby was rescued from a puppy mill in 2011.

Her previous owners treated her and the other dogs like a product instead of living, breathing animals who needed attention, care and love.

Toast’s teeth were completely rotten when she was rescued and have since had to be removed.

After the rescue, the owners had to remove the rotten teeth because there was no repairing them.

Toast now struggles to keep her tongue in her mouth.. which gives us adorable pictures but also shows just how badly she’s suffered.

Toast’s owners say she can still eat anything by crushing it in her jaws, so the no teeth thing is no issue.

Check out these cute snaps of Toast loving life:








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