Meet The ‘Sheep Cat’ With Curly Hair That Is Taking Over The Internet

Cats come in all shapes and sizes.. short fur, long fur.. and they’re obviously gorgeous, adorable little creatures.

Well, have you ever seen a cat with curly hair?

This is a Selkirk Rex, one of the only breeds out there that has sheep like hair and it’s truly adorable. They’re like… mini sheeps…

It’s no lie that the Selkirk is a rare breed but it’s definitely on the rise and becoming increasingly popular.

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Some owners have taken to instagram to share their shaggy haired friends and oh my… they’re TOO cute!

The breed originated from Montana, USA in 1987.

Jeri Newman started breeding the gorgeous furbabies since then.

She made the first little kitten the dominant breeder then two kinds of the breed were developed. A long-haired and short-haired type.

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The breed was called ‘Selkirk’ after her stepfather, and it’s the first breed of cats to be named after a human. How amazing is that?

There is another kind of breed of curly haired cats, called the LaPerm breed but the Selkirk has a plusher and thicker coat.

A Selkirk Rex breeder from Switzerland, Eleonora Muccio, explained how she fell in love with the breed after seeing it at an expo in Geneva:

“I felt immediately in love!”

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She runs an Instagram account for her cats with over 37,000 followers and posts photos of Gina, a Selkirk cat, that she got in December 2017.

Gina is “very agile, curious, talkative and cuddly”.

This is where she began to breed Selkirk’s and decided to upload photos of the cuties on instagram.

She describes their fur as “softer than straight hair” as the hair is finer.

She also revealed that they suffer from more earwax and rheum than other breeds, stating:

“For that they need special care, I clean their eyes and ears once a week”

“But you have to pay attention you don’t do it too much as they can get an infection.”

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