Meet Smucky, The Shelter Cat Who Is Obsessed With Going For Walks In His Stroller

Meet Smucky, the shelter cat who recently found a passion that makes life a little easier to handle and this little cutie is hoping to find a forever family who appreciates that passion just as much as he does.

The cute fur baby was picked up as a stray by Cobb County Animal Control in Marietta, Georgia, and brought to their shelter.

Seeing how stressed the 6-year-old cat was by shelter life, constantly meowing whenever he was in his kennel they decided to help him by transferring him to Best Friends Lifesaving Center in Atlanta, where they could help to meet his needs a little better.

Best Friends assumed that based on what the shelter told them, he wouldn’t be very affectionate or get along well with other cats. They were wrong.

Best Friends staff members decided to house Smucky in the manager’s office to give him the peace and quiet he seemed to be craving.

Smucky transformed into an incredibly vocal, social cat.

Smucky’s favorite thing in the whole entire world is going for rides in his stroller.

Once he’s out and about he takes in the world from the safety of his favorite stroller.

Nichole Dandrea, social media community manager at Best Friends Animal Society said:

“He patiently waits until he hears someone approaching, then uses his uncanny vocals and hypnotizing stare so that you can’t help but say hello to him,”

“In Smucky’s mind, once you’re in, you’ve committed yourself to a walk in the stroller. To make it easier for you, Smucky’s happy to get himself into the stroller.”

Nothing beets Smucky’s stroller ride, and he’s certainly not shy about making that fact known.

“Once you take him for a walk, Smucky’s your friend for life,” Dandrea said.

His stroller rides help to keep him calm in a sometimes scary and stressful world, and his shelter friends would never want to see that taken away from him.

Smucky could live with other cats, but he needs a family who understands that he likes to take things slow and build relationships with new furry friends over time.

“Smucky has captured the hearts of staff and volunteers at Best Friends in Atlanta with his quirky personality and silly antics,” Dandrea said.

“He’s looking for a forever someone who appreciates his style. If that’s you, prepare yourself for long-night chats, summer evening walks, late-night lap cuddling and lots of entertainment.”

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