Meet Sansa The Kitten Who Got Rejected By Her Own Mother

Meet Sansa, the little kitty who was rejected by her cat mother.The poor kitten was the weakest of her litter and got left behind because she was thin and unhealthy after not wanting to eat.

Sansa’s cat mom thought she’d end up dying and was eventually abandoned by her. The mother looked after Sansa’s stronger, healthier siblings instead.

Alan, came along and really helped Sansa.

He took little Sansa to his home and decided to adopt her. Slowly he increased her health by feeding and taking care of her and that was the start of their beautiful relationship.

Alan bottle fed Sansa for the first few months, he also bought her a comfortable bed to sleep in and fun cat toys to play with.

When Alan first got Sansa, the little fragile kitten was smaller than Alan’s footul cat.

Sansa is now a beautiful cat who’s full of personality and loves hugs and kisses.





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