Meet Rico, The Michigan Husky Who Can Sing And Won His Family A Vacation

Meet Rico, the 6-year-old Siberian husky from West Michigan who LOVES to sing along to acoustic tunes. This talented pup has even gone on to win a national contest! Wow!

The “LIVE with Kelly and Ryan” show held a “Bow Wow Wow” contest. It involves finding dogs who can sing and what you have to do is send videos in of your pups vocals which get judged in an online vote.

Rico was voted the winner, of course.

Jason ‘Harv” and Melanie Hargreaves are Rico’s owners, and have said he has a knack for mimicking his family’s sing-a-longs.

Melanie explained:

“Rico does not sing with the radio. He only sings with us”

“When Harv rehearses, (Rico) joins in. In the video, Harv was learning that song for a gig that night. I had to hide my phone while recording.”

According to the “Bow Wow Wow” contest website, Rico “is extremely vocal. He is highly intelligent and has a knack for mimicking his pack (his family). He loves classic rock and pop hits from the 70’s and 80’s.”

The Hargreaves won an amazing a six-day vacation to St. Lucia because of Rico’s vocals!

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