Meet Pluto, The Dog That Loves Clothes So Much His Grandad Built His Very Own Closet

We all know just how adorable dogs can be, especially cute little fluffy ones. We think this little doggo called Pluto may raise the bar for cuteness!

Lily, the owner of the very stylish pup called ‘Pluto’ had a very cute story to share..

During Lily’s and Pluto’s first days together, she noticed how to little pup looked nervous and would always shiver.

Lily got Pluto checked out at the vet’s and it was found out that Pluto was suffering from anxiety due to the fact that he was still adjusting to being in a new home and family members.

Lily couldn’t get it out of her head that it was something else so one day she decided to but a jacket for Pluto and tried it on him.

Amazingly, the shivers completely went away!

Sometimes as a really small dog, it means they can feel the cold a lot easier, so Lily bought more jackets and sweaters for Pluto.

So, since this stylish pups outfits were taking up quite a bit of room, Lily’s father decided Pluto was going to need some storage.

Lily’s father was able to finish the dog’s closet in just two days.

It’s safe to say Lily and Pluto are so happy with the new wardrobe! Check out the adorable photos below:






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