Meet Panther, The Absolutely Stunning Persian Cat

Let’s face it, it’s no surprise that we come across some gorgeous pups and felines on the internet. Instagram is the HUB of adorable animals.

I wonder if you’ve seen a cat as beautiful as this little fur baby…

Meet Panther, a 2-year-old blue Persian male cat who is STUNNING!

Owned by Carmen Goetz Blaylock, it was clear that Panther had a special kind of beauty.

Panther began his “modeling” career on Instagram back in 2015. It’s obvious that he’s become increasingly famous from his looks.

The viral feline landed some modeling jobs for various cat brands.

You wouldn’t think it, with all the attention, but panther leads a very humble, normal cat life.

Panther had 2 photoshoots a week that last under 10 minutes, so he’s not working too hard.

Check out these beautiful photos of the Persian cat:







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