Meet Mochi, The French Bulldog Who Is Best Friends With A Butterfly

Mochi, an adorable five-month-old french bulldog living in San Diego, California, has an unlikely friendship with a gorgeous butterfly.

Rylee Boland, Mochi’s owner, created Mochi’s very own Instagram and it’s been doing amazingly well as Mochi now has over 7000 followers.

Just from looking at Mochi’s instagram, you can see he loves snuggling with Boland. It’s probably down to the fact Mochi is still a puppy… and french bulldogs are the cutest!

Rylee saw Mochi one day in the garden and saw a beautiful Monarch butterfly with orange wings, they were both captivated with eachother and it was a beautiful sight.

You would think with a puppy personality and energetic nature that Mochi would have scared the butterfly away…this wasn’t the case as both were calm near each other.

For 15 minutes, Mochi and her butterfly friend had a close embrace and admired each-others company in the most peaceful way.

Amazingly, the butterfly sat on Mochi’s paw for a second before flying away. What a perfect moment.

The moment was caught on camera and the photos are amazing, check them out below:





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