Meet Margaret, The Gorgeous Greyhound Taking Over Instagram

Instagram. The hub of influencers, beauty bloggers, fashion bloggers, travel bloggers….the list goes on.

In recent years, it’s also been the home to animals that make us go ‘awww’ and make our day a million times better.

This is Margaret the Italian Greyhound taking over instagram and becoming a very much loved influencer.

Margaret who is STUNNING has nearly 50,000 followers already and is clearly on her way to stardom.

Anna, her owner, recently appeared on TV to show off some of her stylish outfits.

Anna was able to plug the variety of dog jumpsuits that she sells on her Etsy account.

She explained:

“Basically I was on maternity leave and I was a little bit bored. My son was about six months old and it kind of happened all by accident because I wasn’t really into social media.

“Just one night I posted a photo of her on the couch and got a couple of likes and organically grew from there.”

Anna who lives in Adelaide with Margaret says the pooch gets lot’s of attention as she struts her stuff and people always want a photo with her.

Anna added:

“We do get noticed everywhere we go”

“Going out for coffees, I’ll often get people tooting their horns and yelling out ‘Margaret’.”

Margaret is a sassy pooch with a fashion sense we all wish we had!

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