Meet Madame Eyebrows, The Saddest Dog On The Internet

This English bulldog from Germany, named Madame Eyebrows (you can see why) is a gorgeous, yet, very sad looking pooch that has grey spots above her eyes which perfectly resemble eyebrows.

And unfortunately, although not true, this dog is very happy yet the eyebrows tell a different story.

Madame Eyebrows looks like she hates life, But her owner Janina, says her dog’s appearance is very deceiving.

She says Madame is actually a very happy and goofy dog.

She explains: “In real life, you have to see her only a few minutes and you see that she is happy,”

“We don’t see only her sad face. We see how funny she is! And how much love she gives to us.”

Madame loves to give kisses and wiggles her tail like their’s no tomorrow. She is definitely a lot happier than her pictures show her to be. Never judge a book by it’s cover!

Scroll down to see this cute little happy on the inside puppy:







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