Meet Henry, The Service Dog Who Visits Disney World With His Owner And Has The Cutest Photo Shoots

Jessica Paulsen has had Henry in her life as her service dog since early 2017. It’s safe to say that from the moment he arrived in his new home, he changed her life and he changed hers.

Jessica has a condition called postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS).

Henry helps his human by practicing deep pressure therapy, where he uses his body weight to increase his mom’s blood pressure, shortening the length of fainting and nausea episodes.

He is also able to retrieve her husband in case of an emergency, pick things up, help out around the house etc.

The pair have been best friends since the day they met. Their favorite place to go is Disney World.

Paulsen and Henry have been to Disney World six times together, and four of those times were to help with Henry’s service dog training.

To make theirs and everyone’s day, the pair had the cutest photo shoots on their most recent trips!

Not everyone knows exactly how to act around a service dog, and both Paulsen and Henry are always happy to educate anyone who is willing to learn.

Jessica explained:

“I try to correct people when they say ‘You can bring dogs here?’ Because for a regular dog, Disney World would be a stressful environment”

“It’s tough for me to have to tell kids that Henry cannot be pet while he is working. Every once in awhile we do allow pets, and it’s a good chance for us to educate kids and their parents about how to interact with working dogs and to never pet without asking.”

Henry has come a long way since his first trip to Disney World, and Jessica is so proud of him and all the progress he’s made with his training.

She continued:

“When we first came to Disney over a year ago, Henry was way too excited to meet characters; it was cute but it didn’t bode well for his training,”

“He is still not perfect, but seeing how far he has come when he meets characters makes me so proud.”

The pair’s favorite thing to do is watch the fireworks show at the end of a long Disney fun filled day — and it always reminds Paulsen of how lucky she is to have Henry, and what a huge impact he’s had on her life.

Jessica said:

“The show at Magic Kingdom is probably what I look forward to the most because I get to sit there with my best friend laying on my lap and really appreciate what he has given me,”

“It probably sounds silly but that show is all about following your dreams and having Henry gave me back the dreams I thought were lost forever. I always cry!”

Check out the adorable photos below:









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