Meet Gary The Trendy Tabby Cat With A Breaking Bad ‘Beard’

You’ve probably never seen a more’ hispter’ cat in your life util you set your eyes on Gary…

Yes this seven-year-old feline is not only trendy but has also been dubbed as a Heisenpurrg lookalike.

It’s actually quite strange how much they look alike.. i mean look at that perfectly shaped goatee!

Gary puts most hipsters to shame with his perfectly shaped black beard, and he’s won the heart’s of us internet people with his unique looks.

Gary’s owner, Charlene Dahilig, has owned Gary since he was three-weeks-old when he randomly wandered into her backyard in Sacramento, California. Since then, the pair have been inseparable.

Charlene said:

“Everyone who sees Gary comments on his impressive beard.

“I noticed it from the first time I spotted him in our back garden.

“It stood out as I’d never seen anything like it before.

“He’s always had his defined goatee, even when he was a tiny kitten.

“To me he looks like Heisenberg from Breaking Bad.”

Gary, who sports snazzy ties and beanie hats as well as his beard, has lead to him raking in the followers on his Instagram account @omgdeedee.

Charlene added:

“His wide range of expressions make for great photos.

“He may look sarcastic and moody, but in reality he is the sweetest, most loving cat I have ever had.

“He greets us at the door, cuddles constantly, and loves all people, especially kids.

“He does some unusual things, such as drinking from the garden hose and wearing hats for photos.

“He is the cat of a lifetime.”

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