Meet Garlic 2.0, China’s First Cloned Kitten

A heartbroken pet owner couldn’t bare to lose his two and a half year old kitten, so he decided to make another one.

Huang Yu was owner to Garlic who sadly passed away prompting him to ‘make’ Garlic again by cloning the kitten.

He enlisted the help of Sinogene, a Bejing-based pet cloning company. Amazingly they have already cloned more than 40 pet dogs, including the world’s first police pup.

They use somatic cell cloning techniques of animal species to recreate people’s beloved pets… this doesn’t come without a challenge though.

IFL Science vet Shi Zhensheng said in a statement:

“The reproductive and physiological characteristics of cats are different from those of most animals. Because cats are not spontaneous ovulation animals, they are one of the few ovulation-inducing animals.

Their reproductive cycle is special and cloning techniques are difficult. The operation is cumbersome. This successful cultivation of cloned cats is one of the few successful cases in the world, marking China’s major step in the field of cloning.”

Taking a year of attempts, scientists were able to transfer an embryo to a surrogate cat, who carried the developing kitten for 66 days. Wow!

In July, Garlic 2.0 was born and the kitten’s genetics are completely from the somatic cells of the late Garlic. Crazy!

Garlic 2.0 is said to be in a good physical condition and acts just like any other kitten.

Yu spent a huge 250,000 yuan ($35,000) for the cloned kitten.. so it wasn’t a cheap.

He explained:

“Its name will continue to be called Garlic because in my heart I have always felt that the cloned kitten is the continuation of its life.”

Yu says knowing Garlic 2.0 is made from the same genes as his previous cat, it gives him great comfort.

He said:

“I think that the original intention of each owner to clone their pets will be different. Each cat is an independent individual and has his own personality.”

Although Garlic and Garlic 2.0 share the same genes, this doesn’t guarantee their personalities will be the same.

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