Meet Earl, The Grumpy Dog That Constantly Looks Like He’s In A Bad Mood

Do you remember Tardar Sauce? better known as Grumpy Cat? Well this may just be the perfect match in dog form.

This is Earl, and you can tell, he’s extremely grumpy-looking.

This fur baby lives in the US and has been dubbed as the Internet’s “grumpy dog” after images of his adorably grumpy face went viral.

Derek Bloomfield, Earl’s owner, says the pup is perfectly healthy and he really can’t help his angry expression as it’s all because of an underbite.

Derek said:

“He is the most relaxed, content puppy [my girlfriend or I] has ever seen”

“He’s constantly trying to snuggle up to one of us and has us in constant fits of laughter through his facial expressions and mannerisms.”

Well, even though he looks angry, it’s safe to say that Earl is very much a happy puppy, on the inside at least.

Check out these hilariously grumpy photo’s of the pup:








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