Meet Chester, The Shiba Inu That Looks Constantly Grumpy

Meet Chester, a Shiba Inu who is contantly in a bad mood. Well. He looks it.

Chester is roughly around 65-human-years-old which.. let’s face it.. means he can be a littler grumpier than usual right?

Hailed by his owner, Kirby Kaufman, as “Chester is a drama queen”

He explained:

“He’s very grumpy and clingy. He loves being petted. But only when he lets you pet him. Typical shiba attitude.”

“I adopted Chester from the Nebraska Humane Society in Omaha,” Kirby said. “It was over the Fourth of July weekend in 2017. He was 10 years old at the time. He’ll turn 13 on September 1, 2019.”

From the moment Chester was adpoted by Kirby, his friends would ask “Why does he look so mad?”

A few people have also commented that he looks ‘like a fox’ and others haven’t been so kind, labelling him a ‘demon dog’. Poor Chester.

Kirby added:

“Chester is grumpy to the deepest of his core”

“He’s what all grumpsters aspire to be. He embodies the rage we all have on the inside.”

Fun fact, he’s not all doom and gloom as Chester loves pizza and chicken nuggets!

Check out these hilariously grumpy photos of the pup”






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