Meet Chata, The Kitten That Sleeps Like A Human

Cats are one of the best things to happen to the internet. They’re cute, fluffy, funny and guarantee to make your day better. Whether it’s videos or pictures, we love to keep up with peoples felines around the world.

They don’t even have to be doing much…we aren’t looking for magic tricks or the unbelievable.. just cats being themselves really.

When a cat sleeps, they usually rest on the floor, a blanket, the end of the bed… well this cat in particular has a very unique was of sleeping and it’s so adorable.

This little cutie decided he wanted to sleep flat on his back with his legs straight almost looking like a human! This ball of fluff, Chata, is very famous because of his unusual sleeping positions.

The kitty from Japan went viral on the Internet for his adorable way of sleeping by letting his belly hand out, basically.

It seems this fur baby never has a bad dream as he looks to content when asleep. He’s so adorable you’d never want to wake [email protected]

The very first photo on his Instagram featured Chata’s older sister, Chava. These cuties have a big following because they are just adorable little creatures.

Check out some cute photos below!:









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