Meet Brutus, The Sweetest Dog Who Comforts His Baby Brother Every Time He Cries

Dogs are a mans best friend. They never argue, never intentionally hurt you and care so much about you.

Meet Brutus, who is the sweetest brother to baby Kayden, from the Michalek family.

The 3-year-old Bullmastiff lives in Northern California with his family, the Michaleks.

Brutus is a lovely, kind and playful dog, even if he does look a little intimidating. Bonnie and her husband were worried at how Brutus would react in case they got pregnant with their first child, but they were completely relieved to find out he has adapted so well.

He absolutely loves children but he’s also used to being the only child.

Bonnie’s pregnancy was sensed by the clever dog it before the couple even had an idea. On nights when Bonnie’s husband was at work, Brutus would hot leave her side.

When Bonnie finally gave birth to Kayden, the Michaleks wanted to make sure he felt part of everything.

While they brought the baby home Brutus stayed at the couples parents house.

Bonnie made sure to give him lots of attention before meeting the new baby so he wouldn’t feel jealous or react to the new addition to the family.

Meeting babby Kayden, Brutus immediately went to kiss and snuggle with the baby. Brutus has become Kayden’s bodyguard and babysitter and the sweetest thing of all is he bring Kayden his favourite toy everytime he cries.

ThE yellow fluffball is Brutus’ favorite toy, and he thinks that Kayden would feel better and stop crying if he gave it to him.

Check out the photos below! They will make your day!











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