Meet Bronson, The 33lb Cat That Is On A Diet

Sometimes, animals can over eat, have a large appetite and end up piling on the pounds.

This is the case for 33lb Tabby Cat Bronson.. he’s currently on a diet and is aiming to lose 1 pound a month.

Mike Wilson and his girlfriend Megan Hanneman, owners of Bronson, produce wall mounted furniture for indoor cats to help them get active so they aren’t just sleeping all day. Bet cats love that.

The couple have already had a few cats try out their products. One day, they had a spare 45 minutes so they decided to go to the Humane Society to adopt another cat.

They said:

“When we walked in, we were instantly drawn to this gentle giant named Bronson. The receptionist told us that to go in and see him we would first need to sit down and be interviewed by a staff member.”

They didn’t manage to see Bronson on this day but after hearing about him they couldn’t help think about adopting…

Thet continued:

“After we left, neither of us could stop talking about him and how much fun it would be to bring him home and help him lose the extra pounds. We went back to the Humane Society the following day, shortly after they opened, and sat down with a staff member. She told us that all the Humane Society knew about Bronson’s past was that his last owner passed away.”

Mike added:

“We went in to meet him and instantly fell in love. I remember my cheeks hurting from smiling for so long”

The couple believe Bronson managed to get to a huge 33 pounds because his previous caretaker fed him a lot of table scraps. The second they met him, they couldn’t help but smile.

Bronson was a little cutie.. he was extremely affectionate and loved attention.

They noticed a few unique things… “All of a sudden, we noticed that he was a polydactyl cat with extra fingers and had very pronounced thumbs! Even more adorable, his paws oddly resembled our home state of Michigan. He was the sweetest cat we had ever met and he seemed so happy to be home and have a big space of his own.”

“After bringing Bronson home, we scheduled his first visit to the vet. While we were there, we found out that Bronson is also quite the ladies man. All the doctors and vet techs were taking turns coming into the room to admire his robust body, cute face, and mittens.”

Bronson, has to lose weight slowly otherwise they can get fatty liver disease which is extremely fatal. Oh my.

Mike and Megan have found out the perfect diet for Bronson and it is a mix of dry food that the shelter had him on and some grain-free wet food.

They added:

“We’ve also changed his exercise routine a few times. At first, it was playing with toys with him laying down for about 20 minutes a day and also carrying him downstairs so that he needed to climb back up to get to his favorite napping spot.”

Bronson struggled to get up the stairs, so they will let him up their when he is a little healthier.

“Currently, his exercise routine is made up of moving his food dish around the room to promote walking, I feel like we’ve lost points with him on that one, and still playing with toys while he’s laying down. His absolute favorite toy is a tomato filled with catnip, which he likes to attack, bite, and kick with his back feet.”

Bronson has since become an internet star as well, and is logging his weight-loss journey to his thousands of followers.

Bronson, being so heavy mean that “Carrying Bronson became an issue early on. He’s so large and he carries a lot of weight in his chest, so there’s no great way to pick him up without feeling like we’re hurting or squishing him. To combat this problem, we invented the “transportation pillow,” which is.. just a pillow. As simple of an idea as it is, carrying him with his pillow has been a great way to get him out to our living room without making him incredibly uncomfortable.”

Good luck on your weight loss journey Bronson!

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