Meet Barsik, The Huge Cat That Weighs 41lbs

Many shelters take in cats of all sizes, but this cat.. in particular.. was the biggest one this shelter has ever come across.

Meet Barsik, the 5 year old feline who weights a huge 41 pounds and left everyone at the shelter he was bought to in utter shock!

He arrived at the shelter with his normal-sized housemate, Sukie.

Sadly, the cats found themselves homeless when their family had to move and couldn’t bring the fur babies with them.

Barsik’s enormous size was difficult for the shelter to deal with.

Barsik being only 5 pounds shy of the Guinness World Record for fattest cat, couldn’t fit in the kennels so the staff had to improvise.

The ACC wrote on Facebook:

“Barsik is extremely obese and needs a home that can help him get to an ideal weight,”

“He is too big for our housing so is resting in the office.”

Luck was on their side as Barsik and Sukie didn’t have to wait long for Anjellicle Cats Rescue, a nonprofit cat rescue in NYC managed to put them in a foster home.

Angelique Luzzolino, Barsik’s foster mom, wrote on his Instagram:

“The shelter staff had to search the building for the biggest carrier they had for me”

“Two workers carried me to the car, but poor Foster Mom had to carry me to the house alone.”

Poor Barsik wasn’t too keen at first, but hiding away wasn’t easy for the big boy.

Due to his size, his movement is limited and he finds it very uncomfortable to carry the extra weight.

Luzzolino added:

“He has difficultly getting up from lying down and he can’t jump at all”

“You can tell he desperately wants to come up onto the bed with us but he’s unable to on his own and he doesn’t want to be picked up.”

“It’s very sad to see him grooming himself”

“He can’t reach his back legs or rear half of his body. We have started brushing him to get his coat in better shape and will start using some waterless shampoo to help him out.”

Barsik can’t make any sudden changes to his diet as it could lead to fatty liver disease.

Luzzolino wrote on Instagram:

“It’s very important that I keep eating so I don’t get sick”

“I don’t remember what I was eating in my last home so Foster Mom has been treating me like a king! Every meal is something new to see what I like best. The goal once I start my new diet will be ONLY wet food, but I quite enjoy this kibble for now.”

Barsik will have to be on a strict weight loss regimen soon and when he’s back to a normal weight he can find a forever home.

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