McDonald’s Opens World’s Smallest ‘McHive’ For Bees

It’s here! The world’s first ever TINIEST Mcdonald’s franchise has opened its doors to its customers and it has created quite a buzz online… get it… buzzz.

It’s not your usual McDonald’s.. It’s a Mcdonald’s made especially for bees. A beehive in the form of a McDonald’s restaurant. I think it’s genius

It’s an incredibly detailed mini McDonald’s complete with patios, an outdoor seating area, a drive-thru, posters of their menu plastered in wood panel windows and a golden yellow McDonald’s sign on top.

McHive is the name and you will see bees in hive frames full of honeycomb.

This is a collaboration between McDonald’s and NORD DDB, a creative agency in Sweden.

They collaborated to celebrate the efforts of McDonald’s branches in Sweden who have made a move to help save bees.

Earth Day Network’s list of endangered species includes Bees.
It’s a known fact that many species are dependent on bees to survive.

McDonald’s franchises have really tried to help the bees by setting up beehives in their roofs.
They also have tried to landscape their surroundings to make it more bee-friendly.

McHive is also an effort to make others more aware of the threat bees are facing, and perhaps inspire bigger companies and organizations to follow suit.

Check the amazing photos below of the mini McDonald’s!





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