Man’s Doorbell Rings At 2AM And He Finds Terrifying Visitor Waiting Outside

It’s your worst nightmare isn’t it. You’re asleep. In the dark. Maybe you’re in a picturesque dreamworld. But then out of silence comes the doorbell. Ringing. Disturbing you and waking you up.

You’re thinking, what was that? Who’s looking for me at this time of the night? You’re getting a little panicky. Working up a sweat.

Well this guy didn’t have to go to the door itself. He just checked his doorbell security camera. And what was waiting for him was truly the stuff of nightmares.

Image Credit: Psychological Health Centre of Excellence

No, it wasn’t an axe-wielding murderer, or an alien, or a ghost, a spirit, or a bear.

But it’s still not something you’d want to welcome into your home!

At first all you can see is nothingness. Eerie nothingness. It’s like one of those videos that went viral when you were at school, and something jumps out the shadows scaring the life out of you.

Image Credit: Wallpaperflare

But then.

Out of nowhere goes the grisly visitor.

Image Credit: Ring.com

A spider. And not a small spider. We’re talking a big tarantula looking spider who’s making himself rather cosy sat on the doorbell…

Check out the footage for yourself:

Old mate kept ringing my doorbell at 2am from r/australia

I sure hope my doorbell doesn’t start ringing in the early hours of the morning!

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