Lonely Husky Picks Her Own Kitten To Take Home From Shelter, Now They Are Best Friends

Usually, you wouldn’t think that cat’s and dogs had the potential to be best friends.

Well, this Husky from Texas didn’t care about that stereotype and recently found her best friend, a cat.

Christina, Raven the Huskies owner, has always wanted a dog and a cat. She came up with the amazing idea to take her Tamaskan Husky to pick out a cat for herself.

By doing it this way, so knew she could tell that the two animals would get along.

When arriving at the shelter, Raven had the pick out of our cats.

One cute tabby named Woodhouse was the only one who interacted with Raven and it was clear they were made for each other.

It was on that day that they all went home together, and Christina and Raven welcomed the little fur baby in the best way.

Since then, Raven and Woodhouse do everything together. They cuddle, eat together and have an undeniable bond.

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