Little Stray Kitten Sneaks In Family’s Back Yard Looking For Food, Now He’s Part Of The Family

Ariel Heath’s family recently found a very surprising new member of the family… Chunk Chunk, their newly adopted cat.

The Heaths have always had a lovely dog, and were never expecting this cute little kitten “knocking” on their backdoor.

It was only a few months ago when four little kittens suddenly appeared outside Heath’s home.

When they were startled by hearing footsteps approach, they ran away from the property. Heath then heard the cries of a kitten coming from the backdoor.

One of the kittens from the litter decided they weren’t so scared after all.

Heath kindly placed a bowl of food by the fence and watched from the house to see the kitten sneak under the fence and eat the food.

The kitten would just come, eat, and go for several weeks.

Amazingly one day the kitten opened up to being petted and Heath decided to make the kitten a permanent part of their family after that, since then they have lived happily ever after. Purrrfect!

Check out these cute photos below:





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