Little Girl And Dog Have Full Conversation In Their Very Own Language And It’s So Cute

When you have a best friend, a special language is never a surprise. You communicate differently and your bond is so strong, you know exactly what’s on each-other’s mind.

Meet Everlee and her best dog friend, Dude. They know all about having a secret language to communicate and it’s absolutely adorable.

Everlee is a little 2 year old from Washington state.. since Dude came into her life, the pair have been inseparable and spend all their time together.

The pair are so close that they’ve created an adorable style of speaking that’s all their own and the video her mother shared to facebook proves they are truly best friends.

Everlee and Dude usually engage in long and loud conversations using their invented language, but we don’t really know what they’re talking about!

Check this amazing video of Everlee and Dude having a special conversation:

According to her family, Everelee has epilepsy, which has delayed her normal speech development, so her being able to ‘talk’ to Dude is an amazing thing for her.

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