‘Lifeless’ Husky Draws Panic Outside Auto Shop.. ‘He’s Not Dead, He’s Just Sleeping’

People pass Rick’s Automotive in Muscatine, Iowa, everyday and panic when they see a big dog sprawled across the concrete under the heat of the sun.

His “lifeless” body is freaking out concerned citizens who think he’s dead. When really, he just loves the sun.

One worried customer spotted the dog lying on his side motionless and ran over to see if he was OK.

The dog suddenly picked his head up, and the customer felt a wave of relief.

Apparently, this happens all the time.

Hudson, the 2-year-old Siberian husky, is very much alive. So no one needs to panic!

It’s been reported:

“Lounging around in the sun does more than just feel nice, it’s beneficial to our dogs. Our dogs are getting vitamin D from sunbathing just like us, but it’s obtained in a much different way.

“Vitamin D is considered a pro-hormone which means it’s more of a hormone than a vitamin. It’s still considered a vitamin because our dogs can’t absorb calcium without it, but it’s also considered a hormone because our dogs body manufactures it in response to direct sunlight.

“Vitamin D is kept in the fatty tissues of the body and liver. It helps regulate the calcium and phosphorus balance in our dogs bodies. Vitamin D for dogs is important for bone formation, and muscle and nerve control

“Most of the vitamin D our dogs receive is obtained through their diet, although they create it with direct sunlight, just like us.”

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